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Sketch - Common Knowledge

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Common Knowledge by Alison Bartow


Nick, uncomfortably excited and competitive. Is convinced that everyone should have the same experiences and world view. Gets more irritated and has louder outbursts as time goes on. Could be a Tim Robinson character.

Drew, a coworker of Nick and Grace who might not be as tuned in on some pop culture trends, is not looking forward to playing with Nick but is good friends with Grace.

Grace, a mildly competitive coworker who is friendly with Nick but a little wary of him.

Trivia Master, reads off the questions from the back or maybe offstage. Like every trivia master ever, thinks they are very funny and tries to spice things up.

Setting: A bar with a few tables and chairs set up and a table in the back with a sign that reads “Trivia Night”. Nick, Drew, and Grace are sitting at a table.



Ugh guys! I’m so excited that we are finally doing this. Trivia night, uhh oh man I am PUMPED! Look at the competition, bunch of losers, am I right?

(Nick pulls down on his thumb making a fart sound and very openly gestures at the table of people behind them SR)


(clearly already a little uncomfortable) Alright man. Let’s just… it’ll be a good time. That’s all that matters.


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