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  • Alison Bartow

Musical Sketch- Phantom Ex Boyfriend

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

The Phantom Ex Boyfriend by Alison Bartow


Chris, Woman feeling lonely and aroused during quarantine, unsure of what to do about texting her ex

Phantom, A physical manifestation of Chris’ memory of her ex, very persistent and a little dramatic

Chorus of Phantoms, three other exes

Setting: A bedroom, Chris is sitting up in bed in a robe holding her phone.

(The music to the song “Phantom of the Opera” starts as a fog starts to roll across the stage.)


At night he texts with me


An emoji winks at me, asks how I’ve been

And do I reply to him while I’m alone

The Phantom of the ex boyfriend is there

Inside my phone

(A man dressed in cargo shorts and a backwards visor enters upstage wearing a half mask and silk cape a spotlight on him, he is the phantom)


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