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Rock Themed Branding


Meet the Veep/ Medrio Rocks

This project was prepped almost a year in advance of the following year's events. Every year this company employs a very eye-catching and fun theme to grab their audience at tradeshows and company events. Once the rock themed was chosen by my team, we had the task of figuring out how to tie it in with our product and brand message. We marketed the events as a "world tour" with a list of event dates on the back of t-shirts that we gave away. I created VIP passes which you can see above, that we handed out to anyone who set up meetings with the VP of Sales and Marketing to make them feel important and add a bit of fun and ambiance to our in person meetings. This was a very in-depth campaign which included a comic book origin story, which can be seen below, a program made to look like a record with a sleeve and track listing (session listing), as well as packaging for a USB shaped like the VP. There is also an image of what the booth looked like below, which myself and a colleague put together to create a DIY stage and "merch counter". At the bottom of the page is a guitar built to be shaped like the iconic Medrio "M". The most interesting part of this project was the marriage of recognizable brand elements with the rock and roll theme. 

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User Conference Theme

The company has set a precedent of unveiling the year-long event theme at the annual user conference and it was no different in 2016. A colleague and I planned an unveiling event to kickoff the conference that included a choreographed dance done by employees in 80's hair metal gear (that I designed) and our company mascot shredding guitar with the CMO. 

Branded Swag

We offer our customers and potential customers unique and fun swag for all of our events and for this theme we designed a custom tote bag, pen, notebook, and lanyard. We also included headphones with a custom Medrio guitar shape, an illustrated water bottle featuring costumed versions of the mascots, and a stuffed version of the mascot in his rock gear. At the top you can see foam fingers and a themed activity book that was also given away at events.  

Event Tour

We decided to show the conference location and dates in the style of a band's tour. We were offering in person meetings with the VP of Sales and Marketing and marketed these events as his "world tour". This coincided with a microsite with more information on the events and a t-shirt which had this design on the back. 

The Conference "Shows"

My colleagues and I set up a stage and a merch table for each conference hall and our custom designed animatronics were displayed under a lighted sign displaying the company name. Every staff member working the booth was dressed in the "band" t-shirts displaying the company and tour dates as well as studded fanny packs with fun money to "buy merch" at the booth for watching product demos. The animatronics would regularly perform songs and speak with dialogue written by my team and I to highlight our product features.  


Rock Branded Materials

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Rock Themed Kick-off 

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