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Character Creation


The Veep and The Phase 1 Phantom

For this project I was tasked with creating a new mascot for the company based on the VP's outgoing and sometimes absurd persona. The idea was that we would leverage this character to bring levity to an otherwise serious industry as well as highlight the intelligence and competence of the customer base. It was important that he wasn't seen as stupid but more overly confident and self assured. 

The 'Veep' In Action

When I joined the project, this was the status of the character. He was based on the VP of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success. He was sort of a rugged but cartoon version in animated form. The conference that these assets were created for was located in D.C. so this visual was meant to highlight the location as sort of a theme. This was the first time we advertised meeting the VP in marketing materials. In the image of the t-shirt (being worn by a customer) the slogan "Have You Met the Veep?" is shown prominently. 

My Additions to the Veep

We based many of the characteristics on the character "Zapp Brannigan" from the television show Futurama (clip above). I had the illustrator create a few different illustrated versions of the Veep character based on various source materials including Futurama to see how much we wanted the silliness of the character's persona to translate visually. 

VEEP image styles 1.jpg

Final Result

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 3.09.29 PM.png

Diane the Data Manager Storybook

One of the first things I did for the marking team was to create an asset that could be handed out at a tradeshow event that showcased our connection to our customers in a fun and engaging way. I created a storybook about data managers (our primary customers) which told the story of Diane the data manager, who was created for this asset, through the eyes of her daughter. The daughter sees her mom as a superhero and we portrayed her perceptions in the visuals. It took a lot of research about the day to day of the role and the major demographics and I hand wrote and drew every page. I then worked closely with an illustrator for the final design. See below. 

The Phase 1Phantom

p1p website header V1.png

The Phase 1 Phantom was created as an alter-ego of the Veep. He was created around the time of the Rock themed company event. He was started as a rock and roll inspired superhero, adding another layer to this character separating. I worked closely with an illustrator to come up with his style that was used for this event and beyond. 

Origin Story Comic

In order to explain and debut this character in a way that would promote the company and product features, I wrote and drew this original comic book of the character's super human origin story (how he came to be super).It was unveiled at an internal company-wide launch party. Here are side by side images of the sketches and the final images. 

Phase 1 Phantom Website

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 4.37.49 PM.png
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