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Carnival Themed Branding


Carnival Event Theme

Every year Medrio uses an eye-catching theme at all external events, from tradeshows to the annual user conference. This year I presented an idea for a carnival theme, first to the marketing team, next the executive team, and finally company wide. The idea behind this theme, in addition to the bright and joyful brand experience, is to feature Medrio's three products as the "three rings" and adding carnival barker expressions into the messaging to draw people in. Above is a close up of the shirts made at the annual user conference featuring Medrio's mascot. Below are some images of the booths used at different tradeshow events. I designed the booths as well as the outfits and all marketing assets to keep everything uniform and bright. At the bottom of the page is an image of me drawing the finishing touches on a sign for our vintage popcorn machine. 

Carnival Branded Materials

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