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Medrio's brand had been a huge differentiator for them and this project was meant to capitalize on that brand perception. We decided to focus on updating the company's mascot to ensure that the visual identity of the brand matches up with the messaging. Above are some close ups of sketches done to explore more of a dynamic and innovative character with a bit of a playful streak.


For this project I was tasked with creating a new mascot for the company based on the VP's outgoing and sometimes absurd persona. The idea was that we would leverage this character to bring levity to an otherwise serious industry as well as highlight the intelligence and competence of the customer base. 

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Every year this company employs a very eye-catching and fun theme to grab their audience at tradeshows and company events. Once the rock themed was chosen by my team, we had the task of figuring out how to tie it in with our product and brand message.  The most interesting part of this project was the marriage of recognizable brand elements with the rock and roll theme. 


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Katie Kahn

Alison and I collaborated on multiple creative storytelling marketing projects at Medrio. She brought fresh ideas and beautiful sketches to every meeting, and she was eager to put her plans into action. Alison has a talent for synthesizing diverse concepts, which is important at Medrio, as our marketing often has a "silly" creative component that contrasts with our topics (clinical research and biotech). Her work is distributed at our conferences and is displayed proudly at the office. I highly recommend Alison for creative marketing endeavors, as she does not shy away from challenging material.

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Stephen Wright

I worked closely with Alison on a wide range of projects and was constantly impressed with her creative thinking, imaginative writing and her rock-solid managerial skills. Alison continually generated wildly original ideas for our marketing campaigns yet always found a way to successfully execute her vision. I worked remotely with Alison on a variety of projects simultaneously and was always impressed by her ability to manage details and deadlines. She's hard-working, knowledgeable, and brings a friendly and fun presence to the workplace. I couldn't recommend Alison more highly!

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Olivia Diamond

I had the pleasure of working with Alison for over a year at Medrio as her direct supervisor. She is incredibly creative and hardworking, both of which she demonstrated on every project that she completed for the Marketing Team. Alison successfully completed a multitude of creative projects taking them from concept through execution, including a comic book, an animated short promotional video, and a storybook. Alison is able to not only come up with an idea but also manage the creative process with an illustrator and graphic designer. She is organized and always follows through on her projects. I would highly recommend Alison as she would be a wonderful asset to any team.


Every year Medrio uses an eye-catching theme at all external events, from tradeshows to the annual user conference. This year I presented an idea for a carnival theme, first to the marketing team, next the executive team, and finally company wide. The idea behind this theme, in addition to the bright and joyful brand experience, is to feature Medrio's three products as the "three rings" and adding carnival barker expressions into the messaging to draw people in.

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