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Actually Pretty Typical

Actually Pretty Typical


Life is weird enough, right? Wrong! Disney made a show in the 90's that made it even weirder. Join friends Alison and Carlos as they review, rant, and question Henry Winkler on their mission to grasp the true beauty behind "So Weird". Why? We'll have to find out!!

Podcast Photos

Custom Logo Image

I created this logo for my podcast by emulating the images from the original television show's imagery- an old laptop and typewriter style typography. I added blue and pink on either side of the font to create a 3-D effect that is similar to the show as well. I added stickers to the laptop to highlight the playfulness of the show, which is an improvised comedy podcast. There is a laid back vibe to the original show that I tried to capture with the hang loose sign and the rainbow Santa Cruz sticker. The Bigfoot is a reference to an episode of the show and the UFO sticker is in reference to X-Files which is a huge inspiration to the series. The bright green-teal is reminiscent of the web colors of the time. 

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